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Mom And Pop BBQ Restaurants In Texas Make Sure Your Scales Are Accurate And Clearly Visible

Posted by Hari Nathan Kalyan | Aug 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

by Henry Ramos

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller isn't playing games in making sure the food that the state's barbecue joints serve to customers are being weighed and measured correctly. But restaurant owners feel the scales of justice are not on their side.

Even though the state legislature passed a bill exempting barbecue places from being regulated using state-inspected food-weighing scales, the disagreement now is how Commissioner Miller is interpreting and enforcing that law.

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Hari Nathan Kalyan

Hari Nathan Kalyan has extensive experience in hospitality and liquor law, licensing, manufacturing, and distribution in both New York and Texas. His clients include multiple-unit owners and operators of hotels, restaurants, and bars; alcohol manufacturers and distributors; and service providers to those industry members. Hari also represents clients within the cannabis industry ecosystem, providing counsel to cannabis entrepreneurs, retailers, and investors.


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